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Our Pharmacy Service uniquely shelters individuals, employers and healthcare professionals with a genuine alternative to medications. This is a service, not an insurance premium or membership required program. Our resource of Medication Access Programs and Professional Pharmacy Staff are dedicated to providing people with solutions to escalating costs and availability of prescription medications.  We are a team of experienced service industry representatives with a proven track record helping thousands of satisfied customers. The staff has extensive knowledge in the prescription medication industry coupled with industry leading customer service.

Individuals, employers and healthcare professionals realize accountability of our personal healthcare is evolving and like most healthcare professionals; we must be aware of the financial implications as it relates to our insurance status.

Not all private or public insurance programs provide affordable prescription drug coverage.  Prescription coverage may be limited by first dollar high deductibles; benefits may be fixed by annual limits or simply not covered on the insurance carriers list of approved medications. For seniors, this same scenario applies as they experience 100% out-of-pocket should they fall into the "donut-hole."

We have developed a wrap-around Prescription Service to help fortify the client's prescription as an individual or an employer seeking support for their group prescription benefit. This comprehensive approach provides an expanse of resources to all individuals across the United States and beyond. No individual should be denied the ability to secure medication based strictly on price or availability. If we are not able to fill a medication because of restricted distribution in the United States; we will assist the client, in securing medication from other international sources.

There are two Points-of-Service to access our Medication Programs:

  1. There is an online application for those first time users seeking a personal consultation and assistance with selecting the appropriate medication program or pharmacy. Some individuals may qualify for  prescription assistance programs that provide certain medications for free. Click here >
  2. The other choice is an online  self-service portal that is available 24/7 giving our clients access to medications and  pharmacy selection. This same site allows you to place re-orders or make changes to existing prescriptions.

All prescriptions are sourced only by US FDA, HPB, and UK or equivalent approved pharmacies to ensure the highest quality and safety of the products. All orders must be accompanied by an authorized written prescription from their physicians.

Both programs are HIPAA compliant.

It is important to understand that our low prices do not compromise quality and value. Each of our pharmacy and wholesale partners has been extensively researched and ongoing monitoring procedures are in place to ensure the continuation of the highest quality and safety.

Program Features:

  • Guarantee acceptance
  • No age limits
  • No-pre-existing condition limitations
  • Over 11,000 prescription drugs available with a valid, original prescription
  • All prescriptions are sourced by US FDA with equivalent certifications from other partner countries. Canadian HPB, UK MHRA or similar standards to ensure the high quality of products.

Service Includes:

  • Customer Service toll free support line
  • Coverage when you reach the "donut-hole"
  • Online registration prescription filing service
  • HIPPA Compliant site and Privacy
  • Pharmacy Services will recommend the prescription written from your MD include 3 refills to prevent retrieving a new prescription every time you order.
  • Mailed directly to your home
  • Inform you when it is time to renew your medication
  • Answer your questions and make updates to your information

Our customer service representatives are kind, caring and courteous and we welcome you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. 

Please note that customer service operators are English speaking only.

If you would like more information on this service for your family or how to add this benefit to your organization, please contact us: or call: 1-888-772-1144 ext 203 and ask for Kara Fellows.

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